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Bandung, the capital city of West Java, is famous of its fashion stores. Known as Paris van Java, the centre of the city, Dago, and streets surrounding it, is filled with Factor Outlets (FO), mostly owned by locals. Previous pictures are not taken from the stores areas, but from the suburbs.

This is one side of the city, later I will update about the stores! ^^ PS. they are CHEAP!! ^^

*”Bandung as the Sea of Flames” (Bandung Lautan Api) is an Indonesian idiom based on the historical event of a huge fire in southern Bandung in March 1946. That time, the Dutch, through NICA, took over the city. The unsatisfied Indonesian fighters then decided to burn the city after asking its people to move out. Click here for full history of the city.

Photos are credit to Seli Yulyani.


{September 17, 2010}   Cipatujah Beach – West Java

This beach is located about 74 km outside Tasikmalaya, a city in the southern West Java. You can reach it by bus from the Tasikmalaya terminal, directly to the beach. Here are some photos from a friend of mine, Seli, who recently went there. Enjoy!

Photos are credit to Seli Yulyani.

{June 12, 2010}   Jakarta Bus Routes

If you are in Jakarta, it is easier to get on the TransJakarta to get around the city, or just stop a taxi. But, if you want to ride on a regular buses, or kopaja (smaller buses coloured white and green), or metromini (smaller buses coloured orange and dark blue), or even mikrolet (cars, usually coloured like a salted egg — between green and blue), you should know where they are going, or they could fool you.

Here’s the track list, unfortunately it was last updated on 2006, but most of them are still accurate. Enjoy!

Jakarta Buses Routes

{June 12, 2010}   Jakarta and its Monas!

Monas (MOnumen NASional — National Monument) is the symbol of Jakarta. If you come here, this is a must-visit site! 🙂

I took pictures of Monas from an office nearby.

{June 12, 2010}   Jakarta and its people

Jakarta is the capital city, but don’t thunk of Tokyo or Seoul, or even Singapore.. Jakarta is a lot different! It’s sophisticated, busy, crowded, has lots of traffic jam, and people are just trapped in its hard life. Below is a picture of a Jamu seller trying to cross the street in Tomang area of the huge city.

It wasn’t in the busy hours of the traffic, so there are less cars than usual.

oh, one more thing. If you want to go around Jakarta with only Rp. 3,500,- (about 3,5 cents), take the TransJakarta busway. The bus will stop in certain shelters, and below is one of the shelters:

{June 12, 2010}   Bunderan HI – 24 May 2010

A friend of mine worked at the Plaza Indonesia, near the Bunderan HI. It was in the afternoon, but the view was still nice, with a blue sky at the background! (fyi, blue skies are rare views in Jakarta for the past few years, especially in the afternoon.. You can only see them at early morning, because for the rest of the day, it will be contaminated with the pollution from vehicles.) These pictures were taken from a different angle with the previous one. You could see the Plaza Indonesia at the background of the previous picture, but these pictures were taken before the Plaza Indonesia. So you can see the face of the statues now, with the Mandarin Hotel at the background.

Anyway, here they are:

Although the Bunderan (circle) is usually used as the place to do demonstration, many people — Jakarta locals, domestic and international tourists — take pictures there — even for pre-weddings! The best time to take pictures is at night, when the fountain was turned on, and ‘coloured’ with lights! Enjoy Jakarta!

{June 12, 2010}   between Jakarta and Bandung..

Hey Guys! Long time no update! hahaha!

Anyway, I have a few new photos to show you! ^^ These are the first two.

On the end of last month, I accompanied my brother to Bandung to take the country’s most famous technology institute’s entrance exam. We went to Bandung, where the test would take place, about an hour after he landed from Banjarmasin — he lives there with my parents. We took a shuttle car from the Sarinah shopping centre in Central Jakarta. The shuttle named Baraya, only Rp. 48.000,- (less than US$5). The shuttle took a toll road named Cipularang, about 137km (about 85.13 miles) in length, two hours and a half journey. And these photos were the sceneries you can see at the sides of the toll road! ^o^

{September 18, 2009}   Lovely Papua*

Papua, the eastern island of the country, one of the less populated, also has a very beautiful scenery of its nature.  The big island is split in two: the Indonesia’s part and the Papua New Guinea’s. The Indonesia’s part, formerly known as Irian, is famous for its Free***t gold mining in two cities: Timika and Tembagapura. And if you know the Buah Merah — The Red Fruit (the one that could both prevent and cure cancer naturally), it is originated from here. The locals there call the fruit as kuansu (pronounced: coo-ahn-soo), while its scientific name is Pandanus Conoideus Lam.

Well, here are the pics:

A Local Standing by the Sea

The Border of Papua New Guinea and Indonesia

Beautiful, isn’t it? All are a friend’s pics, so I cannot really share you the story, except the one in the borderline, but I think those were all taken in Biak (she pictured herself before the city’s giant name placard — not included here).

Well, you sure will miss a great adventure to see those beautiful scenery with your own eyes if you don’t visit the Papua of Indonesia! ^^ Make sure it’s on the list of your vacation! Oh, and don’t forget that it’s tropical here, so even if the weather is not fine due to all the snow storm you have there, there is always a little bit more of sunshine here.. ;D I think that adds to ‘more reason to visit the country during anytime of the year (including winter)’, hehehe.. ^_____^

Lovely Papua! ^^

*the title of the post is the title of the album which the picture is taken from in Facebook. All pictures are credit to Golda Sitorus and posted in her Facebook page.

{September 18, 2009}   Jakarta is spacious!! O_O UPDATE!!

UPDATE!! Sorry, I think I wouldn’t be able to provide any amateur photos on this post, since the inhabitants are coming back– means the city is going back alive as usual–and traffic jams will occupy their spot again (AARRGHGHH!! >.< ). Well, to make a reason, it’s hard to get my camera out since there are only a few people in which there usually a crowd, which means I will get all the attention I don’t need from pickpockets if I get it out. Well, that’s my city. :/ Anyway, if you still want to see some pictures of Jakarta being spacious those previous days, you can click here, a picture from one of the best national newspaper, KOMPAS, and here , a picture by a professional.

Jakarta is not like Jakarta these days.. After more than half of her population leaves to their hometown to celebrate the Idul Fitri this Sunday, the city is really spacious!! ^o^ This only happens once a year during a few days before until a few days after the most celebrated day of the Muslim (here, at least).

There are usually traffic jams in many spots of the main roads, but since around two days ago, the spots have lessened. I really love my city when this time of the year comes — you can reach almost every place in the city without having to face a stressful congestion. ^^ You should consider going INTO the city around the Idul Fitri (check the Islamic calendar!) to enjoy it as if of your own. However, there are some places closing during the holiday (I think museums too, but not sure about Monas), but malls and shopping centres are still open.. ;D so, Enjoy Jakarta! ^^

PS: I’ll get a photo to update this post, and show you how spacious a city could be when more than half of its population is out of town!

{September 18, 2009}   The Haze covering Kalimantan

Long Time No Update! It was quite hard to find photos taken by amateurs with no effects applied for this blog. I mean, it’s Naked Indonesia, so there shouldn’t be any cover on it, right? ;D

Anyway, my father, who is stationed in the middle of Kalimantan (the Indonesian part of Borneo), sent this picture through an MMS to me a few days ago.

The haze in Pangkalanbun, Center Kalimantan

This view was taken from the gate of his office in Pangkalanbun (sometimes Pangkalanbuun), Central Kalimantan. The city was near the Tanjung Puting Orang Utan Conservation I blogged previously, around three hours by klotok. And if you know and remember the tragedy of ethnic cleansing in Sampit, Pangkalanbun is only 4 to 5 hours away by bus from the former city.

Parts of Kalimantan, as many of you would have known, are still woods and are often got into forest fire in the summer. And as in other summer — oh yes, this happens every year — there is a forest fire on the region. The haze has spread throughout the island, from the 16-hour away Banjarmasin, South Kalimantan, until Malaysia, Brunei, and Singapore. The govt, of course, has make precautionary steps to prevent and methods to stop the fire, but locals there need to open some lands for field and the summer makes the forest dry and thus the fire spread easily.

The haze has affected the traffic of planes in local airports, and made the people hard to breath. However, since this happens every year, locals are used in wearing masks to prevent the haze to enter the lungs. Hopefully, even though this forest fire and the haze happen every year in the biggest island of Indonesia, and hence is taken as something ‘usual’, the govt can put more attention on the precautionary steps so that this will not happen again the next year. And that this kind of natural disaster should be well taken care of as soon as possible to make the effects stay any longer. Indonesia Raya!! ^^


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